Harm Reduction Center

   Las Vegas

Trac-B Exchange Staff

Christina is coordinator of sex work harm reduction services as well as public relations/media specialist. 

Favorite Color: Pink

Pet: Patufa (basenji/lab) & Pat (bearded dragon)

Lived in Las Vegas- 6 years

Hobbies: Travel, documentaries

Dream Vacation: Tokyo, Japan

Favorite music : Pop

Goal: Reduce drug stigma and improve the lives of sex workers.

Rick is the Program Director for Trac-B Exchange. He is usually found in the conference room working on projects into the wee-hours of the night. Rick is the person that got Trac-B started and works tirelessly to keep it open.


Favorite Color: Blue and Green

Pets: none

Lived in Las Vegas: 40 years

Hobby: Going to Concerts, traveling

Dream Vacation: Orbit the Earth

Favortite Music Artist: Tedschi Trucks Band, Beth Hart, Joss Stone, Warren Haynes

Harm Reduction Goal: Promote the concept of harm reduction universally in society


Jason is the client outreach and resource specialist for Trac-B Exchange. He works at the front desk during the hours that we are open and also manages all of the outreach and off-site syringe exchange and naloxone distribution for our community. You will see him at all of the community events and doing harm reduction throughout the city.

Favorite Color: Purple and Blue

Pets: None

Lived in Las Vegas: 5 years

Hobby: Hiking and river rafting

Dream Vacation: Fiji

Favorite Music Artist: Gorillaz and Tool

HarmReduction Goal: Promote a healthy lifestyle

Melissa is our Client Services Coordinator and manages the front desk at Trac-B Exchange. Melissa also coordinates the Impact Exchange Vending Machine sign-ups. She works hard to ensure that everytime clients come in they are satisfied with our service and leave with everything that they need.

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Pet: Hopper (Rabbit)

Lived in Las Vegas- 1 year

Hobbies: Cooking and baking

Dream Vacation: Italy or Ireland

Favorite music :Country

Goal: Help as many people as she can in the harm reduction program.

Chelsi is the Program Manager at Trac-B Exchange. She is usually in the office but will occasionally be working the front desk. Chelsi is your go-to person if you are interested in going to detox or recovery.

Favorite Color: Lilac Purple and Black

Pets: Nate (Jack Russell/ Schnauzer)

Lived in Las Vegas: 17 years

Hobby: Hiking and planning weekend trips

Dream Vacation: Fiji or Tahiti

Favortite Music Artist: The Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey and Linda Rondstadt

Harm Reduction Goal: Encourage Sex Work Harm reduction