Our Program Offers:

  • Syringe exchange 
  • Harm recovery
  • Narcan/Naloxone (overdose prevention medication) & training
  • Medical consulting
  • HIV screening
  • HIV linkage to care
  • Hep C screening
  • Hep C linkage to care
  • Ryan White Part A Transportation , Early Intervention Services and risk reduction 
  • Condoms, lube, dental dams and internal condoms
  • Education including HIV 101, Hep C 101, wound care, safe injection
  • Services for sex workers; referrals, sexual health services
  • Products to test substances including Fentanyl test strips & drink testers


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What is Harm Reduction?

Harm reduction has a variety of definitions. To define it, we at Trac-B Exchange have implemented policies, practices, and procedures to reduce the risk of negative consequences of a behavior and crush the negative stigma associated with drug use. We respect and have zero judgement on people who use drugs. We have a large network of treatment option referrals and programs for individuals who are interested in treatment and recovery. We also provide free harm reduction supplies to keep people who use drugs safe. We believe with harm reduction, we can utilize our resources to stop the spread of HIV and Hepatitis-C, as well as aid in the prevention of overdose, and death.

Our primary concern is your health and well-being. A knowledgeable team, regular ongoing training and an awareness of current methods of harm reduction are hallmarks of our work. Our commitment has and will always be exceeding participants expectations every day.


Our staff have completed regular ongoing training for HIV and Hep C rapid testing and harm reduction.

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