Sex Related Harm Reduction

What is a sex worker?

A sex worker is defined as a person who receives compensation for sexual services. This can include escorts, pornography performers, exotic dancers, webcam performers, fetish workers; some engage in the legal sex industry while others work in the criminalized industry. Sex workers of all types face stigma, but criminalized workers also face risk of arrest and less access to resources. 


What we provide at Trac B 

Trac- B Exchange provides safe sex products such as condoms, female (insertive) condoms, dental dams and lube. Upon special request, Trac-B provides morning after pills (emergency contraception), pregnancy test kits, and drink testers. Trac-B Exchange also offers a resource list for sex workers (local low-cost counseling specifically for people in the sex industry, support groups, health services, legal, financial planning, strategies for exiting the industry). 





If you have been sexually assaulted, please contact law enforcement by dialing 911 and The Rape Crisis Center at (702) 385-2153