About Our Peer Program:

The Peer Recovery Abuse and Support Program is funded by the Nevada State Opioid Response Grant to help people that are beginning their journey overcoming substance use disorder. Anyone who lives in Nevada who is using a substance and is interested in stopping or reducing their risk of an overdose can call 702.985.4627 24 hours a day, 7 day a week and get one on one support from a Peer Recovery Specialist. 

Resources Offered: 

  • One on one counseling

  • Social service referrals

  • Connections to in-patient and out-patient treatment as well as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

  • Assistance with helping individuals obtain documents required to enter treatment such as identification, birth certificate, and social security card is provided along with asssistance with finding housing.

  • HIV and Hepatitis C testing and linkage to treatment and care for individuals testing positive.

  • Peers are available to meet clients at clinics, hospitals, and other locations when someone has an opiod related medical event.

    Please call 702.985.4627


For more information on Detox or Rehabilitation referrals, please contact Trac-B staff (702) 840-6693



Peer Program